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                                         “Working together to help children, youth and families succeed”



 j0433196.jpgThe Jefferson County Community Network is a prevention advocacy organization. We bring agencies, schools, community groups and parents together to work on preventing child abuse/neglect and youth substance abuse.  The Community Network is governed by a policy board consisting of citizen volunteers and representatives from local agencies.

January 21, 2014 Update:

Our attempts at maintaining a funding level that would make the JCCN active and sustainable for the near future have not been successful. Based on our current funding possibilities, there is not a reasonable business case for us to be an active organization/service provider at this time. At this time, the JCCN is going "dormant", versus dissolving completely.  Updates for our future status will be posted here!

Thank you to all our community partners for their support & dedication to the residents, families and children of Jefferson County!

What does this really mean?

We work to promote healthy children, healthy families and a healthy community.

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Upcoming JCCN/Port Townsend Coalition Board Meetings:

There are no meetings scheduled for the near future.  This information will be updated when a future date is determined.  Thanks.

Interested in attending? Please contact Anne Dean at adean@jeffcocommunitynetwork.org or 360-301-2238

** June 7, 2010--Report Available!

Jefferson County Substance Abuse Advisory Board Tells Residents About the Staggering Cost of Substance Abuse in the County


Please click here to access report!

Previous Funding for the Jefferson County Community Network provided by:

CM_LogoCap.jpgWashington State's Community Mobilization Program:

Effective prevention of alcohol, tobacco, drug use, and violence requires communities to become organized and strongly motivated to meet the challenge. Successful prevention efforts require that a community find a structure and process that encourages a variety of independent, local organizations to cooperate effectively in the delivery of prevention services. In Washington State that structure and process is the CM model. 


FPC Picture.png

Washington State's Family Policy Council:

The Family Policy Council is a family-community-state partnership that engages communities to prevent child abuse and neglect, youth substance abuse and other major social problems.



Jefferson County Communty Network

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